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Australian/British run Positive News Website [Mar. 8th, 2009|12:55 pm]


NotNegativeNews is a new News site. For positive news only. People can submit things to it, to share the good things happening in the world, and to cheer people up. We believe that the world is still a positive place- and that no, not all positive news involves kittens.

Like a real newspaper it has some sections that aren't really 'news'. Such as the Reviews section. Is there something going on where you are right now, that you went to and greatly enjoyed? We're after your positive reviews. It's easy to submit, you don't have to join- you can do so anonymously. Just give us a title, and your review, and any relevant links if you have any. It'll be great to be able to go to N3 and see what people have enjoyed.

You can review anything else too. Restaurants, attractions, anywhere in the world. Also movies, books, music... really, anything that could possibly be reviewed.

Or you could submit many other things to the site, such as things about travel to go in the lifestyle section. Or some news stories you've seen around. It's got lots of Australian news as that's where I'm from- want to help me out? It's hard to put up lots of news with just two of us. I'd love it to be a resource for 'things to do' around the world. And to not be US centric like so many news sites. I want something global.

Also if you have a news story, such as something great you or someone you know, is up to, feel free to tell us, and we'll try to write a story on you. Or you can write it yourself and submit it! You can also comment anonymously if you have any thoughts on any of the articles.

And if you like the site, please, pass it on to your friends, stumble it, post it in your LJ, whatever you can do- we'd really love to make this popular and useful.